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Where Healing Begins

Patient in Hyperbaric Chamber

Our Story

The Oxford Center opened in 2008 after Founder and CEO Dr. Tami Peterson witnessed the healing potential of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for her daughter, JeAnnah.

One day, JeAnnah lost all motor function due to viral encephalitis, and Tami was told her daughter would never recover; but Tami wouldn’t take no for an answer. When she discovered Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, she knew it was the hope she had been seeking.

It saved her daughter’s life and inspired her to open The Oxford Center to ensure no other mother would have to go through what she went through.

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The Oxford Center treats a wide variety of conditions using The Oxford Center Model, our integrative therapy approach.

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The Oxford Center offers a combination of services under one roof to provide customized treatment plans.

My girlfriend and I have been coming here for HBOT and Neurofeedback. Wow! This is one of the most professional, well-organized, clean, friendly, welcoming environments I have ever been in, and I’ve been working in the medical field for 27 years. It’s Brighton’s best-kept secrets and I wish I had found it sooner.

– Patrick

We are exceptionally grateful for finding The Oxford Center. It is so much more than a facility. It is a fantastic experience. We have no hesitations in recommending such a monumentally marvelous place as we very much look forward to taking our beloved son and our whole family on this incredible and unforeseen fairy tale journey together.

– Marie

Because of Oxford’s HBOT services, my blood issue with low platelets has stopped. Within a week of starting HBOT, they improved. I no longer need to receive blood transfusions at the hospital. I can do more because I’m not afraid of getting hurt or having internal bleeding. This is a blessing to my family’s peace of mind!

– Kristin

This is a wonderful place for healing! 40 hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions, Monday through Friday for two months! Heals many!!!

– Diane

My wife and daughter are patients here. Nothing but positive faces and positive outcomes.

– JJ

My son has gotten a lot out of Oxford and the therapy he received as an autistic boy. The staff is excellent and he has improved so much!

– Michael

We’ve only been with The Oxford Center for a few weeks, and I can wholeheartedly say this has been the best three weeks my ASD son has had in the last 12 months! The staff is incredibly warm, kind, and dedicated to his needs. My son is thriving in a way I didn’t know was possible.

– Christopher & Amanda

We are currently on our second round of 40 HBOT dives for our daughter and we are so excite to see the positive benefits for her. Everyone at Oxford is so sweet and welcoming, it truly feels like we are family there…

– Chelsea

The Oxford Center has changed our lives. From the first tie we walked through the door in December of 2019, we have felt at home. Our daughter Grace was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at age 3 and Autism at age 5. We have seen such amazing progress since starting our journey here at The Oxford Center, first with HBOT and intensive physical therapy, and now with ABA…

– Andrew & Emily

Super grateful for all the attention received in Oxford, our children have seen a lot of improvement and we definitely recommend this center, can’t wait to come back!

– Janin

An amazing staff, doctors and warm atmosphere. I highly recommend this facility.

– Kris

My direct experience, thus far, has only been the highest quality service from caring providers at a fair price. The equipment and overhead for an operation like this must be astronomical. The pricing is very reasonable.

– Jason

Excellent results from long Covid symptoms . Breathing improved during the first treatment. Taste improved after 6 treatments . Vision took the longest to improve but is still improving and last treatment was 4 months ago . Amazing how much my vision alone has improved. Highly recommend the treatments.

– Linda

Best place for recovery ever!! The staff is incredible! Felt like I was with family!!!

– Vito

Amazing people who care with state of the art equipment. Long sessions for thorough saturation. Excellent pre-case review by a licensed nurse. Both the equipment and facility are great. Hopefully wound care will be fully insured in the future……so it’s worth every cent to me now.

– Robert

My son has done 2 rounds of therapy for lung and Immune disease. The staff is knowledgeable and caring. The office is very welcoming and clean. Would recommend to anyone looking for HBT.

– LeeAnn

    Our Approach

    The Oxford Center is passionately serving and providing hope for recovery for many patients with our unique Integrative Healing Approach.

    Doctor interacting with Patients