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Our Staff is the Foundation of Recovery

Our Culture

The Oxford Center offers a tight-knit, family-driven culture.

We are dedicated to our patients and to each other’s success every day. We push back against the traditional, politically-driven medical work environment and focus on what is best for our patients and for the members of our team.

Oxford Core Values

Our Values

At The Oxford Center, our vision is driven by our mission and our values. These values are illustrated in the graphic on the left.

We are tenacious about serving others; we practice research driven and individualized care; we are givers of hope, joy, and encouragement; we attack the day with enthusiasm; and we share our passion for recovery.

No matter the position, we at Oxford follow these values as guidance for everything we do. We are always looking for new people who share our values and mission to join our team and make a difference in our patients’ lives.

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The Oxford Center offers a few volunteer opportunities for those in the community that are looking to give back. Fill out the form below for a list and information about open volunteer opportunities.


What is a Discovery Session, and why do I need one?

The purpose of the Discovery Session is for one of our team members to better understand your situation and what your journey has been like so far. From there, our team member can discuss COMPASS in more detail and how it can help give you success in your next states of meaningful employment.

Please fill out the form below if you would like our staff to contact you, answer your questions, or get you scheduled for a free Discovery Session.

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