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COMPASS Therapeutic Vocational Training

Creating Opportunities, Maximizing Potential, Achieving Successful Skills

COMPASS: It is the first program of its kind, targeted toward young adults with autism or other developmental disabilities who are ready to move into independence and sustainable employment. There is a large population of young adults who have graduated with a high school diploma or college degree/certification; however, due to post graduation trauma or gaps in their functional skills, these individuals exhibit deficits in executive functioning and life skills that are critical to successful employment. These deficits can lead to challenges in successfully attending college, living independently, and/or obtaining meaningful lasting employment.

The COMPASS TVT program is specifically tailored to address these challenges. The Village of The Oxford Center enables real life work experiences in a controlled work environment, enabling clients to work on skills that they can generalize and use in their careers and education.

Our COMPASS TVT program is now potentially covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield! BCBS guidelines have been recently updated to now allow adults with autism to receive the treatment they so desperately need. To learn more, please reach out to schedule a Discovery Session with our Autism Patient Care Coordinator.

What to Expect

A therapy based program in a real-life simulated environment

Clients will master the skills needed to maintain longevity in the workplace in our controlled, simulated workplace environment run by compassionate professionals. Therapy will be conducted in our 35,000 square foot, functioning village. We will work on potential barriers to employment in our facility so that they are less likely to become issues in the client’s schooling or career.

This therapy-based program will run for three hours a day, five days a week, and for a total of six months. Clients will work in “Pods” of approximately five students for every one “Pod Leader”. Each targeted area will be assessed on both the client’s skill level and the support needed to complete each task. We offer continued support. Post-graduation, we will follow up with our clients to assist with the transition to the workforce. We can be a resource as well as an outside perspective for both the student and the employer.

Benefits and Outcomes of COMPASS TVT 

Internet & Peer Safety

Learn skills needed to live independently

Plan and navigate for public transportation

Manage a daily schedule

Interact with members of the community

Manage finances & maintain meaningful employment

How We Work


Discovery Session

This is the initial meeting where we will answer any questions about the COMPASS Program. We will get to know potential students and go over all of the ways the COMPASS Program may be able to help with individual goals and needs

Open Door


Take some time to look over the information given in the Discovery meeting. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions. When you have decided that the COMPASS Program is right for you, call to set up an assessment.

Assessment Clipboard


The Program Manager will send portions of the Assessment of Functional Living (AFLS) for the student as well as their family or caregiver to fill out. This can be done online at home. When the assessments are complete, we will set up your in-person Planning Session.

Planning Session

Planning Session

The student and their family or caregiver will meet with the Program Manager to view the results of the AFLS Assessment. Together, we will create goals and plan a personalized program that will meet those goals as well as the individual needs of the student.

Training Graphic

TVT – Therapeutic Vocational Training

Students will work through their personal program using our program goals, the AFLS curriculum, and our state of the art 35,000 sq. ft. facility with a controlled, fully functioning village. Valid work experience will be paired with therapeutic training on their specific deficits in small pods (approximately 5 students to 1 teacher).

Continuous Contact

Continuous Contact

The Program Manager will stay in close contact with the student and their families. You will be kept up to date on how the student is progressing, current goals, and what the next step is in order to reach those goals. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out.