Medical Services

Services Offered

The Oxford Center is committed to providing every form of care possible for our patients and clients. We offer a holistic facility with traditional medical doctors and staff that are dedicated to providing each patient with the best possible care for that individual. We at The Oxford Center believe in respecting your individual choices regarding your health, and are here to support you in every way we can. 

The Oxford Center offers:

How it works

1. Initial Consultation 

The initial consultation with either our Medical Doctor or Functional Nutrition Practioner is a 1-hour appointment.  At this appointment, our doctors will discuss present concerns and past medical, family, and social history.  The purpose of this appointment is to gain a full understanding of you and your goals pertaining to your health.  This allows our doctors to determine any necessary testing that needs to ordered.  

 2. Lab & Medical Record Review 

 After the initial consultation, the doctors will take the time to review past medical records and any lab results ordered during the initial consult.  At this 30-minute appointment, the doctors will review all lab results with you and explain their meaning.  At this appointment, an individualized plan of care will be developed.   

 3. Continuation of Care 

We are available to our patients and recommend scheduling follow-up visits. Visits can also be scheduled on an as needed basis. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can our doctors act as a primary care physician for patients at The Oxford Center?

Yes. Our Medical Doctor is able to function as a primary care physician (PCP).

Will insurance cover my visit?

In most cases, yes, but it depends on which type of insurance policy you have (HMO or PPO). Our billing department will be able to check prior to your appointment.

Can I schedule one consultation with the doctor for more than one patient?

Our doctors typically take at least one hour to full review a patient’s condition(s), medical history, and test results; therefore, one appointment is suited for one patient. If you need to review multiple patients’ records with the doctor, multiple appointments will be scheduled.

How can a patient contact the doctor?

If you are in need of assistance or advice from one of our doctors, please use your Patient Portal account to send a confidential message to our office or call our front desk to schedule a visit.

Do I need to schedule a Discovery Session to see a doctor?

No. However, if other therapies that are offered here are recommended during a consultation with our doctors, a Discovery Session with one of our nurses would be required.