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Speech Therapy Outside Talker

What is Speech Therapy?

Speech is a key building block in communication. Having the appropriate speech and communication skills are key to forming and maintaining healthy relationships, engaging in lifelong learning, and providing the language skills to deal with everyday scenarios.  

At The Oxford Center, our speech therapists provide techniques and strategies for children and adults to communicate more effectively. Speech therapy allows patients to target and improve on areas of weakness in fluency, clarity and comprehension, sound production, early language skills, and much more 

The Oxford Center offers a personalized and caring speech therapy program that is tailored to your specific needs and concerns. Our speech therapists would love to help you on your way to communicating clearly, effectively, and comprehensively.  

Individualized Therapy Plans

Programs are customized to each individual’s needs and goals. With our synergistic approach, the therapists work with our multidisciplinary team to maximize outcomes of multiple therapies.

Skilled and Persistent Staff

With a broad range of education and expertise, our speech therapy staff is equipped to address many conditions and support you as you achieve your goals.

Encouraging and Adaptable

Speech therapists provide education to families and caregivers to ensure optimal success. Our flexible approach allows our therapists to adjust the approach to meet various learning styles and evolve with you as you progress.

How Does It Work? 

Speech therapy seeks to address and correct problems in a patient’s ability to swallow and use their mouth and assist those having trouble communicating. It is commonly used for children with a speech disorder, individuals with autism, adults with a brain injury, elderly individuals with cognitive and neurological disorders, and much more.  

The seven main areas targeted in therapy include articulation, language, cognition, voice, fluency, swallowing, and aural rehab. These areas can improve sound and word formation, stuttering, communication strategies, language understanding, and other symptoms or conditions associated with speaking and communicating. 

Speech therapists at The Oxford Center work tirelessly with patients to target areas of concern and work with them towards improving their ability to communicate clearly and use their mouth correctly.  

What Do Sessions Look Like?

Here at The Oxford Center, we take a synergistic approach to maximize your outcomes. Our therapy model customizes programs based on your level and individual situation and needs and we will work closely with our multidisciplinary team members to help you reach your goals.  

When beginning speech therapy, patients will meet with one of our licensed and certified speech therapists to assess your level, individual needs, goals, learning style, and situation. Following this session, our therapists will cultivate a personalized plan to help each and every patient achieve their goals.  

Our speech therapists will work with you and your personalized plan to develop a therapy schedule. The length and duration of your session may depend on your personalized plan. Check with your insurance company, as this service may be covered by insurance.  

Speech Adult 1
Speech Adult 2

“My son has gotten a lot out of Oxford and the therapy he received as an autistic boy. The staff is excellent and he has improved so much!”


Conditions Treated

Benefits of Speech Therapy

  • Develops foundational skills to eat and drink safely 
  • Reduce severity of stuttering 
  • Gain control of speech 
  • Advance cognitive and executive function  
  • Improve relationships  
  • Strengthen self-esteem 
  • Encourage academic readiness  
  • Ability to understand and express ideas, thoughts, and feelings 
  • Increase overall quality of life
  • And more