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ABA & Autism Services

A child plays in a sensory friendly environment.
A child plays in a sensory friendly environment.

ARTS™ Program & Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

The Oxford Center takes a holistic approach to treating autism. We combine ABA with other therapies to help children with autism learn, grow and reach their full potential. ABA therapy increases positive behaviors to replace problem behaviors in children with autism. Children are taught the skills that will make them more successful in their home, school and communities.

At The Oxford Center, our synergistic approach to autism is unlike any other ABA center. We use natural environment teaching (NET) and offer the best facility in the country for NET. NET allows children to learn and grow in a real-life, simulated environment which is extremely important for a child with autism. To learn more about natural environment teaching, please click here. We provide center-based ABA services and other beneficial therapies like occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, art classes, music classes and more. We also offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which has been found to have amazing results treating autism.

Our philosophy truly makes us unique in our approach and makes our program different from others. Your child can start in our program immediately!

Camp ABA
Our program at Camp ABA reintroduces ABA therapy in a way that’s exciting and full of new activities like shelter building, camp craft, scavenger hunts and more.
ABA Academy

ABA Academy combines insurance-covered ABA and classroom learning in a fun, interactive environment designed to help children reach their potential.

Lunch Program
The Oxford Center offers a specialized lunch program for children in our ABA program. Our chef can design individualized, dietary-specific meals for each child to best cater to each and every child’s needs. 

What is Oxford’s ARTS™ ABA Program?

Extensively Trained Therapists

The Oxford ARTS™ program is dedicated to providing quality over quantity when providing behavior therapy. With an experienced and continuously trained team, we provide the extra attention that our patients need.

Data-Driven Results

The Oxford ARTS™ program is dedicated to analyzing results from synergistic therapies that work together so clients get the best results possible. Through data collection and observation, each child’s therapy plan and its results are measured and adjusted as needed. Parents also have access to all of the collected data to monitor the progress of their child in real time.

What to Expect in Oxford’s ARTS™ ABA Program?

Our ARTS program is fully personalized to best suit your child’s specific needs and goals. When you come in with your child, our team will work with you and your child to devise a personalized plan to best help your child achieve their goals and be successful.

Being a part of our ARTS program allows your child access to everything The Oxford Center has to offer. Your child will not only participate in our ABA program, but they will also have access to speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nutritional services, lunch programs, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and much more.  

Our team at The Oxford Center is highly trained and experienced in working with you and your child. We care about your child and will take a personal approach in helping to make sure they are learning and thriving at our center. 

“We’ve only been with The Oxford Center for a few weeks, and I can wholeheartedly say this has been the best three weeks my ASD son has had in the last 12 months! The staff is incredibly warm, kind, and dedicated to his needs. My son is thriving in a way I didn’t know was possible.”

Christopher & Amanda

How Is The Oxford Center’s ABA Program Different?

Benefits of ARTS™ Autism Services

  • Make and maintain friendships
  • Understand the how and the why to do something
  • Engage in age-appropriate activities
  • Reduce self-injury
  • Improve language skills
  • Follow complex instructions
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Improve family relationships

What We Offer At The Oxford Center

Security Features At The Oxford Center

Our Indoor Playscape is here!

The Oxford Center has a very exciting new addition- an approximately 960 square feet indoor playscape for our Brighton location! Our playscape features a climbing rock wall, multiple slides, a ball pit, a swing, an obstacle course, and more! With so many great, fun features, we know this playscape is going to be a great addition.

Take A Full Tour Of The ABA Center

The Village of The Oxford Center

Village Inside

The Village of The Oxford Center has real sidewalks, streetlights, crosswalks, and more so that we can teach in a safe and natural environment. The Village also contains 12 fully functioning retail stores including a dentist office, hair salon, coffee shop, grocery store, and more. The Village of The Oxford Center will be used for ABA therapy in a natural setting.

This is the only facility of its kind in the US, making it the best location in the country for Natural Environment Teaching. It includes ABA rooms that graduate children from one-on-one learning all the way up to a school like setting, helping to prepare them for success in school.

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