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ABA Academy

Are you concerned your child with autism is not ready for traditional school?

During the school year, we offer ABA Academy, an insurance-covered ABA therapy program in a classroom setting designed to help children prepare for success in traditional school.

About ABA Academy

Preparing children for success in school

ABA Academy is an insurance-covered ABA therapy program designed to simulate a traditional classroom environment. This helps prepare children with autism to be successful when they go to a traditional school.

Features of ABA Academy

  • Insurance-covered ABA therapy in a classroom environment.
  • Utilizes The Oxford Center’s ABA procedures to teach school readiness behaviors.
  • Builds classroom learning skills.
  • Builds social interaction and relationship skills.
  • Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy Available!
  • ABA therapy and the classroom environment do not have to be confined! We encourage fun!

Benefits of ABA Academy

  • Teach your child what to expect in a traditional class setting.
  • Increase appropriate social and emotional skills.
  • Maximize Natural Environment Teaching. 
  • Address individualized areas of concern. 
  • And more!

Available in both Brighton and Troy. You can enroll your child any time during the school year to help prepare your child for success or for cases where kids may be struggling in school. Here at The Oxford Center, we are dedicated to helping you and your child be successful in every area of life. Schedule a tour of our facility today!

Meet Our ABA Academy Teacher

The Oxford Center is excited to introduce Mrs. Zsuzsi McDonald as our teacher for the ABA Academy! Mrs. McDonald comes to us with ample expertise in traditional public schools, making her an excellent candidate to help prepare our child for the traditional classroom today!

History in Education

Zsuzsi McDonald is from Howell, Michigan, and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Eastern Michigan University and a Masters in the Art of Teaching from Marygrove College. She is certified to teach Elementary Education. Zsuzsi devoted 30 years of dedicated, loyal, and outstanding service to the elementary students at Livonia Public Schools. She made many contributions to the educational profession and has touched the lives of countless students during her tenure with Livonia Public Schools.

She retired in 2021, where the Board of Education congratulated Zsuzsi on her years of service to the educational profession and expressed publicly its sincere appreciation. After retirement, she found her passion for working with children was too strong to stay away. Helping each child progress in all areas of their development-academic, social, language, and motor-is a challenge that she is honored to accept daily.

Mrs. McDonald is looking forward to continuing to follow her passion of working with children at The Oxford Center. She is a wonderful and caring teacher ready to help prepare your child for traditional school today!