Parkinson’s Disease is the second most frequent neurodegenerative disorder, affecting 2-3% of the populations ages 65 and older.

Traditional treatment methods are typically focused on relief from motor symptoms.  Research shows overwhelming evidence that oxidative stress has a significant role in neuronal degeneration.  This, combined with an imbalance in antioxidant defense and repair mechanisms may lead to the loss or death of neurons in the part of the brain that plays a critical role in motor movement.  Up to 40-60% of patients with Parkinson’s Disease often experience symptoms of anxiety and depression as well, which can worsen the neuromotor symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.  

The Oxford Center has a Parkinson’s Program with a unique approach to treating Parkinson’s Disease. Our program has shown incredible outcomes for our patients treating for Parkinson’s Disease.

Learn more about each therapy we utilize below, along with video testimonial from one of our patients.

Emma Herfi
Glutathione Treatments

Research has shown that Parkinson’s patients may not have enough glutathione to combat the oxidative stress in the brain. By maintaining glutathione levels in the brain, we can decrease the number of injured cells. Research has shown that IV glutathione can improve speech, hypomimia, rigidity, pronation and supination of hands, posture, gait, balance, and hypokinesia. Glutathione has antioxidant properties that help protect cells in the brain and may slow disease progression.

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