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Heart Attack Recovery Treatment Options

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) decreases inflammation, oxygenates the entire body, stimulates the growth of new healthy blood vessels, and releases stem cells. Research has shown that HBOT improves left ventricular function and improves cardiac performance. Research also suggests that HBOT after a heart attack may decrease mortality rate by 50% and is associated with a reduction in the volume of damaged muscle, a decreased risk of adverse cardiac events, and a decreased amount of time to have relief from ischemic pain. HBOT has been shown by research to induce neuroplasticity and significantly improve symptoms in those with cognitive impairment after a heart attack, including improvement executive functioning, attention, and memory. Research has also shown that the addition of HBOT can make it possible to increase the 5-year survival rate after a heart attack, from 84.4% to 95.9%.

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