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Daves Story

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“HBOT treatments improve AMD eyesight from 20/200 to 20/20”–Dave’s Story

Diagnosed 25 years ago with Macular Degeneration (MD), I was informed at every eye exam that MD is incurable, irreversible, and has an expected outcome of blindness.

In 2011, I was informed that the MD in my right eye had worsened but had not progressed to the point of needing shots in the eyeball. Three weeks later while watching the Dr. Oz show, I learned of three doctors treating Dementia, Parkinson’s, and Macular Degeneration using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) with excellent outcomes–I was absolutely stunned! The following day, I consulted with my eye doctor, regarding HBOT, who promised to investigate and call me back. When she returned my call, she informed me that my retinologist had heard of HBOT; but it is not covered by insurance and not utilized at the hospital where she practiced.

In the next few months, I continued to research HBOT and discovered the ignorance and opposition surrounding HBOT treatment despite a large number of conditions effectively being treated with it. I decided to undergo treatment at The Oxford Center in Michigan over 600 miles from my home. My treatment protocol would be 40 treatments administered at two treatments per day for seven days a week over three weeks.  

Prior to treatment, I requested and received baseline Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) exams from my physician and retinologist. Because the vision in my right eye was obscured making posted speed limit signs and exits invisible, the drive to Michigan was difficult.

Over the next three weeks, I spent much time at The Oxford Center for my two daily treatments.  I had the opportunity to speak with other patients and their families about their HBOT results. They were all enthusiastic about the improvements realized since starting HBOT for the recovery of their various illnesses–Autism, traumatic brain injury (TBI) and cancer to name a few, especially since often their physicians expressed nothing could be done for their conditions.

After treating for two weeks and measuring improvements in my eyesight with a grid, I thought there was some change, but I was unsure.  However, I found the drive home to Lynchburg, Tennessee, was easier using two eyes instead of one as I had done three weeks earlier. Also, the trip took only one day versus two days prior to treatment.

Dr. Tami Peterson at The Oxford Center advised me to wait at least four to six weeks for an eye exam because newly created stem cells would continue to improve my eyesight. Upon my return, I had another OCT and a refraction test. Dr. Sohrabi entered the room with my results, leaned against her desk and pronounced she was, “blown away.” Five weeks earlier my right eye measured 20/200, but that day it was 20/40. Another OCT was repeated and Dr. Brantley looked at the July baseline and compared the scans.  He expressed surprise at the improvement and said several times, “We’ve got to teach our doctors about this.”

In January of 2013,  I evaluated with yet another OCT. Dr. Law was amazed at the continual improvement in my eyes. Dr. Sohrabi examined me and said that my vision would improve even more after cataract surgery. One day in June, I forgot to wear my glasses only to realize after 15 miles from home. Although my near vision is better with glasses, I functioned well without them.

In July at my next follow up visit, I was told my vision was 20/20 and there were no signs of MD recurrence. Moreover, I would not need cataract surgery after all. I contacted my siblings with the news and learned my youngest sister had recently been diagnosed with MD. Thanks to hyperbaric oxygen therapy, MD is not irreversible or incurable.  

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