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December 2016 Newsletter – Weight Loss & Wellness

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December 2016 Newsletter

Olivia’s Story

New You for a New Year!

Oxford Kids Foundation Gala


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New Therapy: Weight Loss & Wellness

Many people make New Year’s Resolutions.  Often that resolution is to get healthy and lose some weight.  We now offer a new Weight Loss & Wellness Program that can help you accomplish that resolution in 40 days….that is less than 2 months!  

This highly effective weight loss program is unlike any other program.  It works by eliminating fat instead of shrinking fat cells. Other weight loss programs simply shrink fat cells, causing you to gain weight after your diet. We determine the formulas and supplements you need in order to enhances your body’s fat burning.  When you are in this fat-burning mode you are extremely energized and feel great!

Our Weight-Loss program is individualized and customized just for you–your unique needs and body chemistry. This method can substantially boost your overall health. Patients have noted significant improvements:

“After years of dieting, I cannot believe how easy and successful this program has been for me. I refer to it as my magic bullet. After being overweight my whole life, I actually have a co-worker calling me “skinny mini” now! Not only did it help me lose weight, it also helped me reverse multiple health issues I was having.” – Vivian

Although this program features a low calorie diet, it is not based on calorie counting.  It’s all about balancing hormones, neurotransmitters, detoxifying the body and balancing vitamins and minerals to get you into an incredible fat burning state.  It also focuses on eating specific foods in order to keep burning fat.  We provide coaching and reference materials to make following the program easy.  

The weight loss is fast, but it is also safe and effective, burning away fat cells and targeting abnormal fat stores that you want to lose!  There are no prepackaged foods in this program – you eat real food!  This program raises and resets your metabolism so you don’t gain the weight back.  We have seen people leave here so happy after their 40 day program because they look and feel great!