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Elizabeth’s Recovery Story

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Elizabeth’s first few months of life were filled with hospital stays and doctor’s appointments. After she got a shunt, went into cardiac arrest, and suffered from a hypoxic brain injury, doctors offered little hope for Elizabeth’s future. They said it was unlikely she would come off her vent or be able to walk or talk — a horrible reality for parents to face.

Elizabeth was having frequent infantile spasms, she was unable to have bowel movements and needed to use suppositories. She spent most of the day crying and she had minimal movement. Thankfully, Elizabeth’s parents knew there had to be something out there that could help their little girl. Upon researching the Internet, they came across The Oxford Center.

Elizabeth immediately started Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). The results were immediate and profound. Within her first round of 40 HBOT sessions, Elizabeth had her first bowel movement on her own and smiled for the first time since her surgery. She’s much happier each day, is off all reflux medication, is gaining strength, and is able to move her arms and body more. She is beginning to talk and an EEG showed that she is seizure free.

Elizabeth’s gains are just the beginning of the progress she will continue to make with her HBOT treatments at The Oxford Center.

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