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Soaring Butterfly Award

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Andrew McMullen

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“I keep hearing great things about Andrew,” someone said during a recent Leadership Team Meeting.

The whole team immediately chimed in with their observations.

“He’s always smiling.”

“He has something nice to say to every person.”

“He exemplifies our core values.”

In our hyperbarics room, Andrew McMullen chats with patients as they prepare to enter the chambers. His words and compassion lift them up. I hear them laugh and feel them relax. Healing begins.

From his earliest days at The Oxford Center, Andrew knew he’d found home. He told Jen, “I love this company. I plan to be here a long time.”

His passion for helping people is evident to both the The Oxford Center team and our clients. He can jump into any situation, managing both routine tasks and those that require extra compassion or skill professionally and with enthusiasm. It is obvious that he cares for each patient.

Andrew naturally stepped into a leadership role in our hyperbarics room. He took charge of the schedule and trained new technicians, teaching and modeling Oxford’s core principles to set the tone in our hyperbaric therapy room. When we were short-handed, Andrew worked long hours with a positive attitude. His level of caring and service never slipped, and his enthusiasm was the same the last hour of work as when he arrived.

In addition to his passion for helping people through HBOT, Andrew is interested in learning various aspects of The Oxford Center’s programs. He trained with our neurofeedback expert, Alyssa, and again proved to be a natural. He has also expressed an interest in nutrition.

Andrew McMullen is an example and inspiration to all of us at The Oxford Center. He is the perfect individual to receive our Soaring Butterfly Award.

The Oxford Center’s Soaring Butterfly Award is given in recognition of an employee’s commitment to excellence, team effort, and exemplifying our core values.