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Soaring Butterfly Award

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Bowen Geng

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Sometimes, the quietest people have the biggest impact. Such is the case with one of our Troy location’s employees, Bowen Geng.

Bowen began at The Oxford Center as a hyperbaric technician in July of 2015. He had recently graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Neuroscience and certification as an EMT. Before heading off to medical school Bowen wanted to increase his experience with patients and found that serving patients at The Oxford Center was the perfect fit for him.

After about a year at The Oxford Center Bowen also trained in our Neurofeedback, enabling him to serve others in a greater capacity while again using his expertise in neuroscience. Bowen has taken on a leadership role at the Troy location as the lead hyperbaric tech as well as NFB: training others, scheduling staff, communicating with the Medical Director (MD) and Director of Patient Care (RN) to ensure the best care possible for all guest at The Oxford Center.

Bowen is highly motivated. In addition to his regular duties, he has taken the lead on The Oxford Center’s Macular Degeneration Research project. He has been organizing meetings, communicating with the statistician, and preparing the paperwork to prepare for the grant request.

“Bowen is . . . awesome,” says Director of Special Projects, Blake Powell, who has worked with Bowen for three years.

Patients appreciate Bowen’s calm demeanor. He explains what to expect during hyperbaric therapy and manages any issues that arise in a level-headed manner. He can handle many complex situations on his own, yet is willing to ask for help when warranted.

Bowen quickly and naturally picked up on the intricacies of HBOT operation. He also is constantly learning more, both through independent research and conversations with the medical staff.

Calmly and quietly, Bowen Geng takes the initiative and gets things done. He is an example and inspiration to all of us at The Oxford Center. He is the perfect individual to receive our Soaring Butterfly Award.

The Oxford Center’s Soaring Butterfly Award is given in recognition of an employee’s commitment to excellence, team effort, and exemplifying our core values.