Soaring Butterfly Blake Hague

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Blake Hague joined the The Oxford Center team in April 2018 as an HBOT technician. His contagious smile and positive attitude that were noticeable the day he walked in for his interview have remained every day he walks through our doors. His compassion and caring that he treats patients with is what our clients rave about, old and young. It takes a special touch when working with some of our kids and Blake was recently mentioned from a mom of a child with autism. “He loves going into HBOT and especially with Blake there to play with him as he’s getting ready to go in.”   

Blake is known as the go-to guy whenever someone needs help. You’ve probably seen him shoveling snow, salting the sidewalks, or building furniture. He always comes to work early and exemplifies the meaning of loving what you do.

Aside from being an EMT and Hyperbaric Technician extraordinaire by day, Blake is also a Firefighter and instructor. Join us in congratulating Blake for this outstanding recognition.


The Oxford Center’s Soaring Butterfly Award is given in recognition of an employee’s commitment to excellence, team effort, and exemplifying our core values.


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