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Vince’s Concussion Story

Vince, a 38-year-old dad from Northville, has faced the challenging consequences of two concussions. Both incidents significantly impacted his ability to carry out daily tasks. Vince’s journey to recovery began in May 2017, shortly after his first concussion, sustained during a hockey game. Just over a week after the injury, he realized the symptoms were too severe to ignore. Struggling with dizziness, fogginess, and slow thought processes, Vince recalled hearing about The Oxford Center’s hyperbaric oxygen therapy on the radio. Desperate for relief, he decided to give it a try, hoping it would help his brain heal.

His decision proved to be life-changing. The hyperbaric oxygen therapy facilitated his recovery, allowing him to resume his normal life. However, 14 months later, Vince experienced a second concussion while riding a jet ski. This time, the injury was more severe and required a greater number of hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

Reflecting on his second concussion, Vince says, “I wish I would have taken it more seriously the first time.” The symptoms, including difficulty speaking and processing thoughts, were debilitating. “I couldn’t talk very well. I couldn’t get a thought out. I would process things in my head, but then they wouldn’t reach my lips. I felt lazy and unable to function.”

After his first concussion, Vince initially went to the hospital but was sent home with a diagnosis of dehydration and no mention of a concussion. This experience deterred him from seeking hospital care after his second injury. Instead, he turned to The Oxford Center on his own initiative, understanding the critical need for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. “Most doctors don’t know about it or would use it for other injuries or illnesses, not concussions. The studies show it works wonderfully for head injuries, perhaps better than anything else. The brain needs oxygen,” Vince explains.

The second concussion, which occurred in July 2018, had a long-lasting impact. “I didn’t feel like myself until December 2018 or January 2019. It takes a long time to recover.”

Concussions are not just Vince’s story; they are a common concern. Vince recounts an incident involving his daughter, who was hit in the forehead with a baseball bat. Despite receiving staples and painkillers at the emergency room, the possibility of a concussion was downplayed. Recognizing the signs, Vince brought her to The Oxford Center the next morning. “She was knocked out, there was clearly something not right. It took about 20 treatments to get her healthy and back to normal.”

Vince continues to visit The Oxford Center for maintenance treatments to ensure his ongoing health. “The people are great. All the techs in the chamber room are wonderful, and everyone really is around here. It is a very calming environment, and when I go there, I love to just relax. It’s kinda like the relaxation time for the day.” Vince credits The Oxford Center with his complete healing. “Without it, I would just continue to struggle. It gives your body what it needs to completely heal itself.”

Today, Vince enjoys playing baseball with his son and chasing his daughter on her bike, treasuring those happy moments. His final advice is clear: “Take concussions very seriously. They are not something to joke around about. I mean, I can’t even watch college football in the fall anymore. Seeing these crushing blows and wondering, ‘Did that guy just get a concussion?’ They just keep going, week after week. You have to make sure that you get healed before you go back out there and do it again.”

Vince’s story is a powerful reminder of the importance of proper concussion treatment and the life-changing benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy at The Oxford Center.