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TBI Recovery At The Oxford Center

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a major problem in the United States with over 200,000 TBI’s occurring every year. There are different types of TBIs and severity, from a mild concussion to auto accidents, to a bullet wound to the head.

The Oxford Center offers a multifaceted approach to solving the root causes of the symptoms of TBI.  Depending upon its severity, we use therapies such as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), Neurofeedback, Suit Therapy/Neuro-Physical Therapy, and guidance on healthy eating.   

HBOT is the administration of 100% pure oxygen under greater than normal atmospheric pressure. It improves patient healing by increasing the oxygen levels in plasma and can even nourish tissues in the absence of red blood cells. It also promotes capillary development throughout the body. These changes bring more oxygen and nutrients to cells in need of healing. Hyperbarics solves one of the root dilemmas of TBI recovery by improving nutrient and oxygen circulation to damaged tissues. The recovery through the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy allows patients to begin other lifestyle changes and if necessary new therapy modalities.

Neurofeedback is a therapy which utilizes an FDA approved Brainmaster Neurofeedback device. Through a series of chemical reactions, the brain creates “waves” that influence how we behave. In the case of TBI, the neurological system can become unbalanced leading to many of the symptoms associated with TBI. Neurofeedback works by providing positive feedback to the brain to retrain different segments of the brain back into balance.

In the cases of a severe TBI, physical therapy may be needed. Suit Therapy is an intensive neuro-physical therapy combining both conventional and non-conventional techniques to help with the rehabilitation of neurological damage. This approach concentrates on retraining the body from a neurological standpoint compared to the traditional muscular approach.

Nutrition is the foundation of the structure that is required for one to be able to build a healthy body. When you correctly know what foods are best for healing, you can expect better results from your recovery journey. Not fixing your diet is similar to not changing the oil of a car. The car may run but the performance will continue to suffer and the pieces will continue to need to be replaced until one day the engine freezes and the car is rendered useless. This applies to TBI recovery due to the difficulties of recovering a brain that is not receiving the proper nutrients. Someone with brain trauma has the inability of nerve cells to resist the damaging effects of toxins which can be found in processed foods. The Oxford Center can gently guide you into an eating lifestyle that assists with your recovery.

To find out how The Oxford Center can help you, contact Dr. Tami Peterson’s team today at 248-486-3636 for a no-fee consultation to schedule an appointment or visit Let your healing begin!