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Speech Therapy – ARTS

Speech Therapy

Speech therapists give techniques and strategies for children to communicate. Speech therapy is the communication building block for lifelong learning.

Benefits of Speech Therapy

  • Improves functional communication
  • Improves spoken and written language
  • Improve conversation skills which include eye contact, body language, gestures
  • Development of strong social communication skills for lifelong friendships
  • Improvements in cognitive function such as problem solving, short-term memory, organizing, planning
  • Ability to safely eat and/or drink
  • Improvements in quality and/or loudness of your speaking voice
  • Effective management techniques to reduce severity of stuttering and gain control back of speech
  • Understand and improve executive functioning such as goal-setting, planning, self-awareness, self-monitoring and improving cognitive function.

Features of Speech Therapy

The speech therapist provides education to family and caregivers to ensure optimal success