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TOC Talks Episode 15: “Making HBOT Accessible for Veterans!”

In this very special episode of TOC Talks, Andrew talks with Kevin Hensley to hear his incredible story with hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)! Kevin is a veteran who served from 1995-2015 and was deployed 8 times to serve his country. During his time in service, Kevin developed a terminal lung disease that he was first told was just asthma until he finally got a correct diagnosis. Once Kevin did some digging, he found he also has toxic encephalopathy and found that his brain was 90% deprived of oxygen. After his diagnosis, Kevin did 80 rounds of HBOT in Arizona and was amazed about the healing potential of hyperbaric oxygen therapy! Now, it is Kevin’s mission to make HBOT accessible for all veterans who might need it through funded grants and legislation! Don’t miss out on this unique episode to hear from an amazing person trying to make a difference!

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